Hi, I'm Regan.

I’m a Web3 marketing consultant and Fractional Marketing Leader with 8+ years of experience that specializes in customer acquisition, team growth, and brand messaging. I help SAAS providers, B2B/B2C platforms, Hospitality companies, and NFT communities understand Web3 strategies that fit their business model and develop go-to-market strategies that attract, nurture and convert their ideal audiences.

With my background in SAAS, tech, hospitality and Web3, I've built pipeline from scratch, scaled marketing teams from Series A-E, and led through significant periods of uncertainty.

Through my consulting services, educational materials and courses designed to make Web3 accessible to new participants, Minted Mojito is a safe space for you to explore the new economy.  


Mission | Vision | Values | Ideal Customer Profile | Competitor Analysis | Positioning


Define Business Aligned Marketing Objectives | KPIs | Team Structure | Budget Control


Alignment | Account Based Marketing | Funnel Progression |  Channel Strategy


It's time to take matters into your own hands.

Despite significant progress in the fight for gender equality, there's significant work to be done. In tech and Web3 specifically, women continue to remain underrepresented as leaders and participants.

The numbers don't lie: only a staggering 19% of people who own digital currency identify as women.I’m here to change that.

As crypto continues to flourish, we must ask ourselves: how can we ensure that everyone gets the chance to find professional and personal success in this growing sector? Every single one of us has a part to play in this growth - from educating, to hiring, and beyond.

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